Ian Blackford blasted over SNP attack on Tories ‘Playing the independence card again!’

Ian Blackford quizzed on criticism of government by Burley

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Ian Blackford and the SNP have called for an investigation into UK Government spending on polling regarding Scottish independence. However, Sky News’ Kay Burley quizzed the SNP’s Westminster leader over whether this was another situation his party was “playing the independence card”.

Mr Blackford said: “What we know is that Government has spent £560,000 of our money, taxpayer’s funds on campaigning for the union in the middle of a Covid crisis.

“Money that should be spent on Covid, the only reason we know this, is that it has come out in court papers.

“This is a rather serious matter, I have asked for an investigation into it.

“I have the Government to reveal the details of their own polling.

“£560,000 on polling on the union is really quite a sum of money to spend.

“The Government has to come clean, the Prime Minister has to come clean, and Michael Gove who is responsible for this.

“This is not a good look for a Government that is doing things in an underhand way.”

Ms Burley asked: “Are you just attacking the Government for the sake of it and playing the independence card again?”

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The SNP MP replied: “No, I am not. It is the Government who is campaigning against Scottish independence in the middle of a pandemic against our interest.”

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