Global news outlets are calling pro-Trump protesters storming the US Capitol a 'coup de force'

  • As rioters stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday, global news outlets quickly began covering the story in real time.
  • In France, the TV network BFMTV — close to the French equivalent of CNN — cut into their regularly scheduled programming to air live footage of protesters taking the steps leading up to the Capitol building.
  • Other global news outlets are covering the rioters storming the US Capitol building.
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Pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol Wednesday afternoon, breaking into the halls of Congress and clashing with police officers.

Media outlets around the world have described the events in stark terms. BFM TV, the French equivalent of CNN, described it as "le coup de force de pro-Trump," or a "pro-Trump takeover."

The chyron ran as the network brought on US correspondents and other experts to cover the developments in real time.

The congressional meeting to count the Electoral College votes for the 2020 presidential election, which President Donald Trump lost to President-elect Joe Biden, was suspended as protesters breached the doors of the Capitol building.

It is normally a ceremonial event, but many Trump supporters wrongly believe, at Trump's urging, that Vice President Mike Pence has the power to reject the Electoral College votes and offer Trump a path to victory.

Several miles away earlier Wednesday, Trump spoke to a rally of supporters and urged Pence to "do the right thing." As protesters marched into the Capitol building, he tweeted that Pence "didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution."

News organizations around the world noted the pro-Trump protesters breaking into the chambers of Congress:

  • French newspaper Liberation: "Trumpists break into Capitol Hill."
  • Germany's Die Zeit: "US Congress session suspended after tumult."
  • Germany's Welt: "Trump supporters invade the Capitol"
  • The Times of India: "US Capitol in lockdown as Trump supporters disrupt Cong proceedings"
  • Norway's Aftenposten: "Trump supporters have entered Congress. Mike Pence has been brought to safety."
  • Israel's Jerusalem Post: "US Capitol put on lockdown as pro-Trump demonstrators storm the Capitol"
  • Britain's The Guardian: "Trump supporters storm Capitol as McConnell warns of democracy 'death spiral'"
  • Russia's state-controlled RT: "US Congress goes into LOCKDOWN as pro-Trump protesters storm Capitol."
  • Canada's Globe & Mail: "Pro-Trump protesters storm U.S. Capitol, halt session to confirm Biden's election victory."
  • Sweden's Dagens Nyheter: "Thousands of Trump supporters have stormed the Capitol – stopping Biden's approval"
  • Spain's El Pais: "Chaos seizes Washington in the session to ratify the triumph of Joe Biden"
  • Turkey's Hurriyet: "Things are messed up in the USA! Demonstrators stormed the Congress building"
  • Saudi Arabia's Arab News: "US Capitol locked down as Trump supporters clash with police"
  • Australia's The Age: "Chaos breaks out in Washington as Trump supporters storm Congress"

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