GB News’ Dan Wootton savages SNP in tense independence clash ‘Once in a generation?!’

Dan Wootton grills SNP politicians on plans for Indyref2 in 2023

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The GB News host hit out at former SNP councillor Austin Sheridan for claiming there is currently a pro-independence majority in the Scottish Parliament. But Dan Wootton questioned him for pushing ahead on the vote when the original referendum was meant to be “once in a generation”. Speaking to GB News, Mr Sheridan said: “No one actually said it’s about once in a generation but it’s about democracy.

“If you look at the parliament, we have the largest pro-independence parliament that we’ve ever seen in the history of the Scottish parliament.”

Mr Wootton interjected: “You don’t have a majority though.”

Mr Sheridan continued: “Between the SNP and the Scottish Greens, they campaigned specifically to hold an independence referendum.

“Since 1999, we’ve never seen a parliament with as large a number of MSPs committed to holding an independence referendum.”

Mr Wootton added: “You have fewer seats than Alex Salmond did. The SNP have fewer seats than him when he called the referendum last time.”

It comes as the SNP’s depute leader will urge members to push the case for independence to undecided voters as the party’s conference kicks off.

Keith Brown will open the four-day event, which will be held virtually due to Covid-19, by calling on members to have “respectful, constructive discussions” with people who can be won around to the independence cause.

The call comes in the same week that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced work would be undertaken on a “prospectus” for an independent Scotland.

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The recent deal between the SNP and Greens, which put the junior party’s co-leaders into ministerial office, included a pledge to hold another referendum by the end of 2023.

Addressing SNP members, Mr Brown will say: “The case for independence cannot just be left to the Scottish Government. Every member of the SNP family knows we all have a crucial role to play.

“Our task is to convince those who do not yet support our cause. That means engaging in respectful, constructive discussions with those fellow Scots who remain open to persuasion.

“We must accept that, in 2014, many ordinary voters were cowed and confused by the scare tactics of Project Fear. We must accept that, even now, many of those same fears persist.


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“So, we must listen to our hesitant fellow Scots and convince them by the power of our positive arguments that there is absolutely nothing to fear, that Scotland is big enough, is clever enough, rich enough, so long as we are bold enough.”

He is expected to add: “Indeed, it will be our collective task to prove how the dangerous future for Scotland is, not through independence, but remaining in this dysfunctional Westminster system.

“So today I challenge each and every one of our supporters to reach out for indy.

“To redouble your efforts to convince at least one more undecided voter that the needs of the people of this country are best achieved as an independent nation.

“If we can all do that, our collective dream of independence will not take just a giant leap forward, it will be guaranteed. And it’s in your power to deliver it.”

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