Furious Orban orders England fans ‘show respect’ after branding Hungary ‘racist b*******’

Gareth Southgate on fans chanting "you don't know what you're doing"

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Zoltan Kovács, the chief international spokesman for Viktor Orban’s government, also reflected outrage that Hungarian fans had been banned from pubs around Molyneux in Wolverhampton before and after the game with signs going up “domestic fans only”. It comes after Hungary embarrassed the England team for a second time with a humiliating 4 nil thrashing in the Nations Cup completing a double in a week following a one-nil win in Budapest.

The row has broken out after Hungarian fans were criticised for booing England players in Budapest for taking the knee.

The game was supposed to be played in an empty stadium because of previous racism allegations with Hungarian football fans but tickets were given away to children and their adult carers for the England game.

Hungary had been handed a two-game stadium ban win one match suspended as well as a £160,000 fine.

In the return leg this week in Wolverhampton, England fans voiced their displeasure with a chant during the Hungarian national anthem.

They sang: “You racist b******* you know what you are!”

In the wake of the match Mr Kovács made his anger clear.

He said: “Last week, England’s coach[ Gareth Southgate], speaking about taking the knee, informed us that they are trying to educate. 

“I would ask our hosts if what we witnessed last night is also part of their education efforts. It was very unfortunate. 

“This kind of thing, needless to say, does not go over well in Hungary or in Central Europe broadly. Indeed, it would be good to show more respect for the other.”

The Hungarian Government was the closest the UK had to an ally during the Brexit negotiations because of its opposition to EU federalism and Brussels rule but has made a point of staying out of the row over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Mr Orban, who recently won another huge majority in the country’s national election, is in dispute with the European Commission over the extent of its power over domestic law along with Poland.

Sources close to Liz Truss said that Hungary and Poland along with the Baltic countries were Britain’s closest friends in the EU when she became Foreign secretary last year but since then tensions have risen over Ukraine.

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Relations have been strained over the war in Ukraine with Orban blocking weapons being supplied over the Hungarian border to the Ukrainians.

He also had a public spat with President Zelensky and was criticised for refusing to agree an embargo on Russian oil and gas along with Germany, Italy and some other EU states.

Express.co.uk contacted the FA for a response but last night had not received one.

But after the match in Budapest Mr Southgate, who was booed by England fans on Tuesday night after the defeat, said he hoped that the example of the England players taking the knee would be educational for Hungarian children.

He said: “We’ve shown how we feel about these issues, in terms of racism and its unacceptability,’ said Southgate. 

“Hopefully the young people in the stadium will recognise why this opportunity has happened and in some ways maybe this will be part of the education for the next generation.

“Each generation that passes will bring more tolerance and we have the same situation in our country, so we’ve got to keep setting the right example. 

“All being well, the young people will enjoy the game and take a bigger message from it.”

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