EU provided us with zero! Andrew Neil swiftly silences moaning Rejoiner’s anti-Brexit rant

Andrew Neil forecasts Tory 'summer leadership contest'

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Mr Neil, journalist and chairman of The Spectator, was involved in a spat on Twitter following a Rejoiner’s rant about Brexit. The 72-year-old was formerly the chairman of GB News. To begin the exchange, @TomLondon6 asked: “Can anyone name ONE clear (intentional) benefit of Brexit?”

Jane Riekemann replied: “Nope. Andrew Neil tried to list some in the Mail but those weren’t strictly true- e.g. vaccine rollout – but we could have opted to go it alone.

“Also the Tampax VAT – EU member Ireland has no tax.

“But Mail readers are gullible and will soak it up – thought Neil better than that.”

Andrew Neil hit back saying: “Wrong. Remainers in positions of UK power would have insisted we stick to EU vax procurement if we’d still been in the EU.

“People like would have been up in arms at even thought of going it alone.

“Wrong. Ireland has no VAT on tampax.

“But once you levy it (as the UK did) you can’t remove it.”

Robert then questioned Andrew Neil, saying: “The EU literally provided Brexit UK with millions of vaccinations.”

But the broadcaster shut down these claims, saying: “The EU has literally provided us with zero, nada, zilch. Not its job. literally.”

The 72-year-old wrote in an article for the Daily Mail about what could be done to fulfil all promises in relation to Brexit.

He wrote of the “unglamorous” and “complicated” way the UK can reach “the promise of Brexit” in his article.

The Scottish journalist took aim at the hiking taxes and increasing the size of the state.

He wrote: “It doesn’t get more European than that.”

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Mr Neil added: “If we had fewer, better regulations covering cutting-edge technologies such as gene therapy, cyber security, digital investment, artificial intelligence, robotics and medical advances — areas in which we are already ahead of the EU —then the chances of a genuine Brexit dividend become possible.”

In one last jab at Boris Johnson’s Government, the broadcaster wrote: “If we fail, it will be because the current Johnson Government, despite being full of those who led the Brexit charge from the top down, in 2021 inexplicably rushed headlong in the wrong direction.

The broadcaster also replied to a tweet suggesting he was in favour of mandatory vaccinations.

In his reply, Mr Neil categorically denied these claims.

He tweeted: “I’ve never supported mandatory vax.

“It’s important to be accurate in such matters and I’d be grateful if you could correct your tweet.”

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