‘EU got HGV industry into this mess!’ Nigel Farage slams bloc for ‘cheap foreign labour’

Nigel Farage blames HGV driver shortage on EU membership

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Speaking to GB News on Tuesday the Brexiteer slammed those that accused Brexit of being the reason behind the crisis that sparked a wave of petrol panic buying. Mr Farage turned the issue on its head to suggest British truckers have been driven out of the profession because of competition from cheap foreign labour.

Mr Farage said: “This in many ways was predictable.

“There has been a shortage of lorry drivers even before the Brexit referendum folks – we were 50,000 HGV drivers short.”

He went on to slam Michel Barnier who used an appearance at Chatham House in London on Tuesday to slam Brexit Britain for the petrol crisis. 

But Mr Farage insisted how instead it was the EU’s labour market which triggered a race to the bottom of drivers’ salaries by haulage companies.

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He added how this was because the bloc “allowed the hauliers to go for cheap, foreign labour” from Europe.

Mr Farage said, as a result, poor standards within the profession have lead to the industry being in a total “mess”.

The GB News presenter noted how this pay plunge drove drivers’ salaries down to a measly “£11 an hour” as he stressed how bad the situation has got.

He slammed: “£11 an hour for a job which gives you a huge degree of responsibility!

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“For a job that often means sleeping in cabs, lay-by’s, in service stations – often in some pretty unsafe places!

“Not surprising that many people have opted just not to stay!”

The presenter went on to claim how despite the chaos wages are starting to go up and “hopefully people attracted back into” the profession but warned how a major factor sparking the chaos has been the continued strikes within the DVLA which have supercharged a backlog of HGV driving tests in Britain.

Shortages of HGV drivers have caused supply chain issues with garages forced to close down due to shortages of fuel.

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But the announcement of a shortage of HGV drivers sparked a panic buying frenzy from Britons as they stormed forecourts thinking petrol was running out.

Many forecourts are now operating with only one pump and rationing fuel to 30L per vehicle as they tackle the soaring demand for petrol and diesel.

It comes as ministers are now suggesting the petrol chaos could continue until Christmas.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has put the British Army on standby to help deliver fuel and monitor garages as Britain descends into a panic at the pumps. But Armed Forces figures have warned it will take at least a week for the Army to be ready and learn how to drive the type of lorries required to deliver fuel.

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