EU chaos: ‘Farcical’ COVID scandal exposes ‘how weak governments are’ under Brussels rule

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Mr Hogan, known as “Big Phil” resigned from his top job in Ursula von der Leyen’s Commission this week over his attendance at a controversial golfing dinner in Ireland, where coronavirus restrictions were flouted. While Taoiseach Micheal Martin and Tanaiste Leo Varadkar lambasted the veteran politician for his irresponsible actions, power to sack Mr Hogan lay solely with the Commission President.

Hermann Kelly, President of the Irish Freedom Party, said Golfgate has shone a spotlight on the power commissioners, who are not elected by voters, enjoy in Brussels.

He said Mr Hogan’s attempts to justify his actions were “farcical”.

Mr Kelly told “It was like rolling news every eight hours with a new update, Phil told a porkie.

“It also showed in Ireland that Big Phil is not working for the Irish people.

“Big Phil, as did all EU commissioners, took an oath of loyalty to the European Union, to disregard all national considerations and interests.

“Big Phil and all EU commissioners work just for the EU.

“Of course the Commission is an institution with a sole right to initiate all EU laws.

“Nobody there was elected, they’re all appointed by the President of the European Commission voted on by the Parliament.

“They have huge power and very little accountability. If you believe in democracy and national democracy that’s a very dangerous scenario.”

Mr Kelly co-founded the Irish Freedom Party in 2018, two years after Britain voted to leave the EU.

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He and his group campaign for the Republic to leave the bloc and for the Irish people to take back control from Brussels.

The party president said the Hogan scandal showed “how weak national governments have become”.

He added: “They’ve accepted a situation in which their so-called commissioner is well beyond their control, beyond their command. They’ve got no say.

“They can’t even get rid of a discredited national representative at the EU level and it really shows how so many national powers have been transferred to Brussels.

“Obviously, they’re not going to be coming back anytime soon unless as the British have done, they’ve decided to take their democracy back and all the political powers that should belong to the nation-state they’ve gloriously decided to take them back in a process called Brexit.”

Last weekend thousands of people attended an anti-lockdown rally in Dublin where Dolores Cahill, chair of the Irish Freedom Party, gave a rousing speech.

Speakers criticised the Irish Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and argued against a forced lockdown and mandatory rules on masks.

Mr Kelly said the atmosphere at the street rally showed a “rising anger not just against the Irish Government but the political establishment”.

And he said “anybody who mentioned the EU always got a big boo” indicating that support for Irexit may be on the rise.

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