Election alert: Lib Dems to STOP Boris winning majority – Brexiteer predicts Swinson surge

The Liberal Democrats are expected to secure between 11 and 14 percent of the nationwide vote, according to the latest election polls, but Rupert Lowe has predicted Jo Swinson’s party will receive a late surge from voters. He expects the Lib Dems to fare better than they are currently reflected in the polls, which could play havoc for Tory seats in the south of England. The Brexit Party MEP, who dubbed the party the “illiberal undemocrats”, said those who voted to Remain in the 2016 EU referendum were likely to back Ms Swinson’s party.

Mr Lowe conceded the outcome of the general election was very difficult to predict and said it is important to keep on eye on how the south is voting.

He is hopeful the Tories will still be able to secure a majority and predicts the party will achieve a majority of between 20 and 30 seats.

But the MEP warned “it could all change very quickly”.

He told Express.co.uk: “A lot of it depends on how people down in the south west vote and how the Lib Dems vote holds up.

“I have a fear that maybe the Lib dems will do slightly better than is currently reflected in the polls and that does have a bearing of what will happen down South.”

He then went on to criticise the party’s stance to revoke Article 50, but said the policy is likely to appeal to the 48 percent of the electorate who voted to Remain in the 2016 EU referendum.

When it came to the Brexit Party, Mr Lowe hoped a few candidates make it to Westminster.

He put his backing behind Martin Daubney, David Bull and Richard Tice – who he said have been running strong campaigns.

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Mr Lowe said: “There are some highly motivated people standing and I sincerely hope that we do end up with a few MPs that make it to Westminster.

“One poll suggested three candidates would secure seats in Westminster.

“I think it is possible and I still think there is a role for the Brexit Party.”

He added: “They are doing their best to make change, I hope that some of them are rewarded by a seat in Westminster.”


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Yesterday YouGov released their final poll ahead of the nationwide vote on Thursday.

It predicted the Tories would win the election, securing 339 seats and a majority of 28.

Labour is forecast to lose 31 seats and end with a total of 231 – putting the party on course for its worst performance since 1983.

The poll, based on interviews with 105,612 people conducted between December 4-10, predicted the Lib Dems would win a 12 percent share of the vote, which equates to 15 seats in Parliament.

The results are drastically different to the previous YouGov MRP poll, which predicted the Tories would win 359 seats and a majority of 48.

YouGov Political Research Manager Chris Curtis said: “Our latest and final poll shows that a small Conservative majority is likely, with the Tories taking 22 more seats than in 2017 and Labour losing 31.

“This would be the best and worst results respectively for each party since the 80s.

“But the margins are extremely tight and small swings in a small number of seats, perhaps from tactical voting and a continuation of Labour’s recent upward trend, means we can’t currently rule out a hung parliament.

“As things currently stand there are 85 seats with a margin of error of five percent or less.”

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