Dominic Cummings LIVE: Useless! BBC accused of ‘blanking’ OWN scoop –R4 silence under fire

Dominic Cummings accused of 'revenge' by Kuenssberg

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The fiery sit-down chat between Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser and BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg was broadcast last night, July 20, at 7pm on BBC Two, yet the BBC’s flagship political programme all but left it out of this morning’s coverage. Enraged users took to Twitter to share their disdain at the public service broadcaster’s decision, with actor Alex Andreou accusing it of not covering it “in any meaningful way.” “The only follow up was quoting extensively from Sarah Vine’s anti-Cummings pro-Johnson polemic” he added. 

“The BBC’s flagship morning political programme blanking last night’s massive BBC political scoop.”

Mr Andreou went on: “I guess it’s perfectly permissible for R4 Today to make the editorial decision that the Cummings interview was a nothing story. The problem is R4 Today spent most of YESTERDAY morning trailing the interview and telling us it was a huge story.” 

Other users agreed, with one commenting: “I know many listen to Today but I’ve long given up on it and on most of BBC News output. I’m sick of having Johnson’s gaslighting repeated to me and important stories ignored.” 

Another said: “Gave up with R4 news after the referendum. Useless.” 

A third user said the British public did not need Mr Cummings to inform them about Mr Johnson’s interests, instead commenting: “Maybe the BBC should pay more attention to what’s going on every day rather than just waiting for another kiss and tell interview from a previous Number 10 source.” 

The BBC was also accused of ignoring the Cummings scoop on BBC News at Ten last night, as the broadcaster chose to lead with a story on self-isolation confusion instead. 

Mr Cummings has become increasingly critical of Mr Johnson’s Government since he resigned as the Prime Minister’s chief adviser in November last year, even claiming there was a plot to replace him by the summer. 

But Mr Cummings himself has been criticized as appearing like a “crazed cult leader” by political journalist Gordon Rayner, after last night’s tell-all interview in which he mainly directed his fury at the Government towards Mr Johnson’s wife – Carrie Symonds. 

Cummings left Government due to a power struggle he and ally Lee Cain had with Mrs Johnson. However, Mr Rayner argued his attempts to overthrow her and her husband’s Government would be unlikely to succeed.

A Downing Street spokesperson declined to comment on the allegations made by Mr Cummings against Mr Johnson. 

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14:12 SNP demand Boris Johnson appears under oath to answer Dominic Cummings' claims

Boris Johnson should appear under oath at a public inquiry to answer the explosive claims made by Dominic Cummings in an explosive BBC interview last night, the SNP has said. 

Ian Blackford, SNP leader for Westminster, said the Prime Minister must answer to the charge he would rather let over-80s die of Covid than put the country into a second lockdown. 

Mr Johnson’s former aide has claimed the PM sent him a WhatsApp message on October 15 which argued against a lockdown on the grounds that most people who were dying were in their 80s. 

At the same time, Labour was calling for a circuit breaker to tackle the rocketing infection rates. 

The SNP leader said: “How can anyone have faith and trust in a Prime Minister who actually typed the words ‘get covid and live longer’ ?”

“The reality is that the Prime Minister wrote these words himself. Such a glib attitude towards human life is indefensible. The Prime Minister is simply not fit for office” he added. 

Mr Blackford said the way to get to the truth of the “UK government’s disastrous handling of the pandemic is to make this cabal answer under oath”.

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