DOJ Releases Graphic New Video While Republicans Try to Gaslight America About the Insurrection

While many Republicans continue to try to minimize the severity and breadth of the January 6 attack on the Capitol, the Justice Department released graphic new police bodycam video footage that proves once again just how violent Trump’s mob was.

According to CNN, the DOJ released new footage of the insurrection in response to media requests. Portions of the videos were used by prosecutors against those accused of participating in the Capitol attack.

One portion of the video used by prosecutors in the case against Thomas Webster, a former Marine and retired New York City police officer, shows Trump’s mob and Webster pushing, cursing, and threatening Capitol Police officers. Webster, while wielding a flagpole, can be seen taunting and then rushing one officer as he’s thrown to the ground. Webster has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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“We see what I would describe as a look of pure rage,” U.S. Attorney Benjamin Gianforti said at a hearing describing Webster’s actions in February, according to the Washington Post. “His teeth are gritted. This is a man about to unleash some kind of violence.”

Thursday’s video release is further evidence of the scale of the violence that the pro-Trump mob inflicted on the Capitol on January 6th and contradicts the nonsensical claims from Republican politicians like Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) who said he was unafraid that day because he “knew those were people that love this country.” Or GOP Rep. Andrew Clyde, who described the rioters’ behavior at the Capitol as a “normal tourist visit.”

Republicans have also blocked legislation that would establish a commission to investigate what happened that day. And just this week, 21 House Republicans voted against awarding Congressional Gold Medals to all of the police officers who responded during the riot.

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