Did Bercow accidentally WIN Brexit? Ex-Speaker shot himself in foot with ‘obvious partiali

John Bercow clashes with Sky News host during interview

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The former Commons speaker was branded a “serial bully” by an independent investigation earlier this week, before being suspended from the Labour Party. He will also face an internal party investigation. In the wake of the condemnation of the ex-Commons speaker, who left the role in 2019, GB News presenter Colin Brazier looked back to the events of that election year to question how John Bercow’s comments fitted into the election coverage.

Mr Brazier – a former Sky News presenter – criticised Bercow’s “obvious partiality” in Sky broadcasts as the polls came flooding in.

He tweeted: “Bercow’s fall from grace is complete.

“I do wonder at Sky’s decision to have him as their studio commentator for the 2019 election night.

“His obvious partiality in the run-up to the poll was one of the reasons Brexiteers voted in huge numbers.”

Reacting on Sky News to an exit poll suggesting a significant Conservative victory on December 13, 2019, Mr Bercow said: “I think those figures spell an 86 majority – if that’s accurate, that’s phenomenal.

“Boris Johnson will feel vindicated in what he did.

“It would be a dramatic victory.

“He would be in a position to get Brexit done, certainly the first phase.”

Bercow – who vocally supported the Remain campaign in the run-up to the 2016 referendum – fielded accusations of bias in the Commons by MPs backing Brexit.

He has called Brexit “the biggest mistake of this country after the war”, adding: “I don’t think it helps the UK.”

Slamming comments by Tory party chairman James Cleverly that the Conservative electoral campaign encompassed more than just the topic of Brexit, Bercow called Mr Cleverly’s statement a “bit rich”.

He said: “It was a Brexit-focused, Brexit-orientated, Brexit-dominated campaign.

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“The idea there was any great push through for any other subject from the Conservatives is frankly fanciful.”

Bercow was elected as a Tory MP, but announced he had joined the Labour Party in 2021.

He called his former party “reactionary, populist, nationalistic and sometimes even xenophobic”.

The independent inquiry into Bercow’s conduct was published on Tuesday, upholding 21 allegations against the ex-Speaker, adding his behaviour “had no place in any workplace”.

The panel behind the inquiry added he “should never be permitted a pass to the parliamentary estate”.

If he were still an MP, they added, they would recommend expulsion.

Bercow responded the verdict was a “travesty of justice”, saying: “This inquiry, which lasted a ghastly 22 months at great cost to the taxpayer, has failed dismally.

“At the end of it, the panel has simply said that I should be denied a parliamentary pass, which I have never applied for and do not want.”

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