Diamond and Silk: Yes, the border crisis is real and it's black Americans who bear the brunt of it

President Trump digs in on border wall, as polls reveal voters turning against his shutdown strategy

President Trump digs in on a border wall, as polls reveal voters are turning against his shutdown strategy.

We’ve got a question for all these people claiming the crisis on the border is “fake.” Can’t you see the proof right before your own eyes?

President Trump laid the sad truth about the emergency on our unsecured southern border in his Oval Office address last week. Ever since the fake news media have been trying to convince us that everything is just fine.


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough called all of us “stupid” for believing there’s any crisis at all. Politico even tried to use a “fact-check” to tell us there’s no crisis. It’s obvious where they’re getting this nonsense from: Democrats, whose talking points they’re just disguising as “news” and “fact-checks.”


The problem for them is that both Democrats and the media had no problem calling the border situation a “crisis” back when Barack Obama was president. In 2014, Obama himself used the term “crisis” to describe the wave of so-called unaccompanied minors. The same outlets that call us “stupid” for believing that the border is in crisis had no problem using the exact same term just five years ago. Even hyper-liberal Wikipedia still refers to the 2014 episode as an “American Immigration Crisis.”

Well, guess what? We’re back up to the same number of apprehensions that all these liberals agreed was a crisis back in 2014. In fact, the emergency is even worse now than it was back then.

Waves of children facing unimaginable dangers while trying to illegally cross the border on their own, like we saw in 2014, was bad enough. Now we keep facing organized “caravans” made up of thousands of migrants determined to breach our unsecured border and attack our Border Patrol agents.

Worse still, we have adults trying to take advantage of “catch and release” policies by using innocent children — many of them unrelated minors kidnapped just for this purpose — to take advantage of policies that give preferential treatment to illegal immigrants who travel as “families.”

You bet this is a crisis! It’s a crisis that’s been going on for years and years. It gets bigger and bigger, but only in the eyes of Democrats and the liberal media did it stop existing as a crisis once Donald Trump became president.

As President Trump pointed out in his Oval Office address, it’s Black Americans in particular who bear the brunt of this crisis. It’s those communities in particular that get flooded with the drugs and crime that surge across America’s unprotected southern border.

While rich people and big businesses reap the benefits of the influx of cheap labor from Mexico and Central America, it’s the African American community, black people, that pay the most for illegal immigration in the form of lost jobs and lower wages.

One study by economists from Harvard, the University of Chicago, and the University of California, San Diego found that immigration has had a more devastating effect on employment and wages for African-American men than the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s and 90s, resulting in thousands more black men going to prison instead of into the workforce.

We’d love to see a liberal journalist explain how crack wasn’t a “crisis” for Black America back then. That makes about as much sense as saying uncontrolled illegal immigration isn’t one.

All of these two-faced denials from the media serve just one purpose: to turn people against President Trump and undermine popular support for real border security.

You can bet Donald Trump takes the situation seriously enough that he’ll declare it a national emergency if Democrats keep refusing to acknowledge the reality of the crisis facing the American people. The Democrats and their media allies are convinced that if they just pretend there’s no crisis at all, they can stop the president from using his emergency authority, but they’re wrong.


You probably won’t hear it from the fake news media, but we’re actually living under 31 other national emergencies at this very moment, many of which were originally declared by Democratic presidents. Do liberals really expect us to believe that the violence, crime, drugs and economic suffering caused by rampant illegal immigration isn’t the 32nd crisis facing our country?

The American people aren’t blind, and when we look at the mess on our southern border, we see it for what it is: a crisis. You know Democrats think we’re too stupid to know all this. They think they can tell us everything is just fine on the border and we won’t educate ourselves on the truth. Well, they can’t play that game anymore.

Diamond and Silk are video bloggers from North Carolina.

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