Conservative’s Lord Hayward warns of Tory bloodbath as Labour surge

Conservative MPs unsafe in their seats says Lord Hayward

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Kay Burley pointed out to the Conservative Party peer that the latest opinion polls suggest 200 Tory MPs could lose their seats if there was a general election tomorrow. Lord Hayward did little to play down the scale of the problem for the Tory party suggesting that the number of seats lost could be in fact much greater. 

Lord Hayward told the Sky News host: “I’d be surprised if they didn’t lose a lot more than that actually.

“No MP believes that they’re genuinely safe, I had one MP the other day, admittedly jokingly, say that he would be one of only two MPs left.

“But there is no seat at the moment where you could say, hand on heart absolutely, certainly.

“What is interesting about the opinion polls, however, is that all the disaffection is currently moving towards the Labour Party in terms of the support for the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats are not benefiting at all. 

“In fact, they’re at a lower point now than they were when the Tory party started their decline, which is quite astonishing. “

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Liz Truss’s insistence that she would not quit after sparking a financial crisis was met with howls of laughter, incredulity and shouts of “resign, resign” as she spoke in the House of Commons.

Fighting for her political survival, Truss often had to pause to be heard as her insistence that she had been “very clear” and that the opposition party needed to grasp “economic reality” was met with jeers and calls for her to go.

“I am a fighter and not a quitter,” she told MPs after she was forced to pull her signature economic policy.

Liz Truss says she is ‘a fighter and not a quitter’ during fiery PMQs

In a bruising exchange for the Prime Minister, Labour leader Keir Starmer said that a book was being written about Ms Truss’s time in power, which was due to be “out by Christmas”.

He quipped: “Is that the release date or the title?”

Conservative politicians sat in near silence during most of the exchanges. Some stared ahead motionless, while others looked at the floor.

Ms Truss repeated her apology to the British people but accused Labour of not grasping “economic reality”, which was met with howls of laughter from the opposition benches.


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“I have been very clear that I am sorry and that I have made mistakes,” she said.

The Conservative leader has been forced into a humiliating U-turn, reversing most of the policies that secured her elevation to Downing Street just over six weeks ago.

A “mini-budget” last month had proposed vast, unfunded tax cuts, triggering an intervention from the Bank of England and a rebuke from the International Monetary Fund as borrowing costs surged, the pound tumbled and mortgage rates jumped.

Just last week, she taunted the opposition Labour Party that her two-year energy subsidy programme would help families through this winter and next. Already her new finance minister, Jeremy Hunt, has said it will only last six months.

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