‘Can’t mute me’ Rayner opens Labour conference with jokes on ‘warm wine and beige buffet’

Angela Rayner grilled on why Labour Party ‘isn’t doing better’

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Angela Rayner delivered the first major speech at the first Labour Party Conference to take place since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Ms Rayner said she was delighted to see many members able to attend in person as she paid tribute to all supporters of the Labour movement who died during the health emergency. The Labour Deputy Leader tried to break the ice with a series of jokes about the food and drinks offers available to attendees as she noted she members could not “mute me” as they could during Zoom meetings.

Ms Rayner said: “I know it’s 18 months since you, our members, affiliated unions, and supporters gave me the honour of serving as your deputy leader.

“But this is the first time I’ve had the privilege and the pleasure of speaking to you in person.

“A conference, there’s quite nothing like a party conference.

“But there’s some things we didn’t miss – the warm wine, the beige buffets, eight-hour meetings.”

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She continued: “The struggle takes many form.

“But you know, our movement has been a family to me all my life, and like so many families we’ve waited patiently to gather in person.

“So here we are and it’s great to see so many in the hall.

“And even better, now we’re off Zoom, because they can’t even mute me.”

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