Britons furious as ‘deluded’ Sturgeon issues set of demands to Boris – ‘Stop begging!’

Nicola Sturgeon 'walking nationalist tightrope' says expert

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The Prime Minister will chair a virtual four nations COVID-19 summit this afternoon with the First Ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Ahead of the talks, the SNP leader has made a list of requests to the Westminster Government for the people of Scotland.

Ms Sturgeon has called on the Government to maintain public spending levels, extend the furlough scheme and rule out a return to austerity.

The SNP leader also urged Number 10 to ensure pre-existing inequalities are not further exacerbated by the pandemic and to provide more certainty over future funding to Scotland.

The fresh demands from Ms Sturgeon, who wants to break up the UK, has triggered a backlash from a number of readers who let their opinions known in the comments section of an earlier story.

One reader wrote: “Can someone tell Sturgeon she’s NOT the president of Scotland neither is she Queen Nicola – she’s just a minister in Scotland which is still very much part of the UK.

“Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister of ALL of the UK and what HE decides for the whole of the UK goes!”

A second added: “So once again Sturgeon wants the UK to give billions to Scotland so she can claim the SNP are wonderful.”

A third commented: “The women is deluded.”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “She needs to stop begging and get on with sorting all her failures out.”

The re-scheduled meeting will also be attended by Chancellor Rishi Sunak and the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove.

It was due to take place last week, but Ms Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford pulled out and asked the Prime Minister for more clarity about the summit.

Speaking ahead of the summit, Ms Sturgeon said: “We have done everything we can with the limited powers we have to tackle inequality and mitigate the impact the pandemic has had on people’s livelihoods, but we cannot allow that to be eroded as we enter the next phase of living with the virus.

“A return to the pre-pandemic austerity would be disastrous for jobs, for public services and for people and families across Scotland.

“As the UK Government hold the key financial levers to help us recover from this, I will be calling on it to commit to maintain public spending during the period of recovery, and to extend the furlough scheme for as long as it is needed to protect businesses and people who have been required to stop working to protect others, and I will be emphasising that it is managed sensitively in a way that supports longer-term recovery.

“I’ve been given assurances that this will be a meaningful discussion, and it must be.

“Working to recover from Covid cannot be a PR exercise – it must be a collaborative process that properly respects the devolution settlement. The Scottish Government requires certainty over funding.”

The Prime Minister arranged the meeting last month and called for a united approach “to overcome the significant challenges of the Covid recovery”.

Mr Gove hailed the collaborative approach between all corners of the UK in the pandemic, especially during the incredible vaccine rollout, and stressed it must continue in the economic recovery.

He added: “We must take the same approach to the difficult challenge of rebuilding our economy and public services from the damaging impact of Covid-19.


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“It will not be a quick or easy job, but we will all do better if we face the challenge together.”

Speaking on Good Morning Scotland programme, Mr Gove also confirmed the Treasury would not be turning the spending taps off.

He added: “We’ll be spending more. We’ll be spending more on the NHS, we will be spending more on education, we will be spending more on criminal justice, because in all of these areas it is absolutely vital that we build back better.

“Extra funding for everyone will continue, and it is important we all learn from each other about how that money should be spent.”
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