Brexiteers fury as ministers to keep barmy Brussels banana after Brexit U-turn

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s view on Sunak’s broken Brexit promise

A barmy Brussels law about the bends in bananas is not being scrapped by the British Government. Brexiteers had hoped it would be one of the bits of EU red tape to be removed by Rishi Sunak. But, after a major U-turn by ministers, thousands of EU rules and regulations will remain part of British law.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has compared the Prime Minister to an aristocratic tyrant for breaking the vow to cut red tape.

That includes EU Regulation No 1333/2011 that governs the “marketing standards and requirements in the banana sector”.

Under the rule top grade “extra class” bananas must be free from “abnormal curvature of the fingers”.

The Sun reports that defects in shape are allowed on Class I and II gradings of the elongated yellow fruit.

But the rules are not among the 600 pieces of EU legislation being scrapped after ministers reneged on their promise to ditch all remaining Brussels laws by the end of this year.

Back when he took office, Rishi Sunak promised a bonfire of EU red tape within his first 100 days.

Jacob Rees-Mogg says the PM is like an aristocratic tyrant for breaking the vow.

He told the BBC Mr Sunak was acting like a Borgia, an Italian family known for treachery.

The former Business Secretary said: “He has broken his word — this is very serious. I’m afraid it’s no good being holier-than-thou if you then end up behaving like a Borgia.”

And speaking on his GB News show, he said: “The Government has done a screeching U-turn.

“The democratic will of the British people, as expressed at a referendum, as expressed at an election in 2019, as expressed through their elected representatives in the House of Commons, it’s been overturned to appease ermine-clad Remainers in the House of Lords, in spite of a prime-ministerial promise.

“But it’s not just about delivering on promises, delivering on manifesto commitments.

“It’s also a real opportunity in an inflationary era because one of the things you can do when inflation is running away is make the economy more efficient. “How do you do that? You do that by deregulating. You bring down the cost of doing business.”

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He added: “Those costs are imposed by the thousands of EU regulations that are going to stay.

“The position a week ago was that, by default, EU regulation would be repealed.

“Now the Government has said that 90 percent of EU regulation will in fact stay.”

Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch told TalkTV that Brexiteer MPs were talking a big talk but she was taking action.

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