Brexit MUST work harder ‘We want what we voted for’ – POLL

Frost admits Britain needs 'benefits of Brexit to start paying off’

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Former chief Brexit negotiator David Frost said there remains “a lot more we could do” to make the most of Brexit. While speaking to LBC today he said that while there was “a lot we have done”, this didn’t go far enough.

In a poll that ran from 11am to 3pm on Wednesday, April 13, asked: “Do you think Britain is making the most of Brexit?”

In total, 1,234 people cast their votes with the dominant answer being “no, there’s more we could do” winning by a landslide of 97 percent (1,199 people).

Just two percent (29 people) said “yes, I’m satisfied” and a further six people said they did not know either way.

Dozens of comments were left below the accompanying article with readers sharing their opinions on the execution and potential of Brexit.

Username NWO3 said: “I agree with Lord Frost. Brexit is not fully done yet as long as parts of our laws and country are still controlled by the EU.”

And username Dando said: “Of course the Government could do more to capitalise on Brexit.”

Username 3downnotout wrote: “He is right in that Brexit has not brought the benefits expected just at this moment.”

Many felt “let down” commenting that the Government had delivered BRINO – Brexit in name only.

KatMoi said: “I feel totally let down by Brexit. What we were promised is not what we are getting.”

They added: “BRINO is rubbish, we want what we voted for to reap the benefits.”

While username scary mary said: “Exactly, we voted and he delivered ‘BRINO’.”

Some said they thought the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was unable to achieve the potential of Brexit.

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Username red_33 wrote: “We’ll never get a full Brexit with Boris as PM.”

Username JJ17 said: “Of course we’re not making the most of it, and never will with Boris Johnson in charge.”

And username Son of a Malteser said: “I believe that he’s not going to deliver a full Brexit.”

However, others felt satisfied with the outcome of Brexit.

Username Montag said: “Is there a lot more to do…Isn’t Brexit done?”

While username MaveDave said: “People don’t know what they want or what’s even achievable. How do they even know whether they’re getting the most from Brexit?!”

Lord Frost resigned in December 2021 over “concerns about the current direction” of the British Government.

When speaking to LBC on Wednesday he blamed the EU for some of the flaws in the Brexit deal achieved by the UK.

He said: “We had to take the decisions we did back in 2019 because Parliament had removed the option of leaving without a deal.

“The constitution was being shredded, we had to deliver the referendum result, so necessarily the deal in 2019 was imperfect.

“We thought that it would work. We knew we were taking a risk. There was a lot in it we didn’t want but was imposed on us.”

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