Brexit LIVE: Priti Patel points finger at ‘faceless’ Rejoiners for blocking Rwanda flight

EU branded 'hypocritical' for stance on UK Rwanda policy

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Judges at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Tuesday granted an injunction that resulted in a chartered aircraft to Kigali being unable to depart Wiltshire. The Home Secretary said the “absolutely scandalous” European court decision which effectively grounded the first flight to send asylum seekers to Rwanda was politically motivated. She told The Daily Telegraph: “You’ve got to look at the motivation.

“How and why did they make that decision? Was it politically motivated? I’m of the view that it is, absolutely.

“The opaque way this court has operated is absolutely scandalous. That needs to be questioned.

“We don’t know who the judges are, we don’t know who the panel are, we haven’t actually had a judgment – just a press release and a letter saying we can’t move this person under rule 39.

“They’ve not used this ruling previously, which does make you question the motivation and the lack of transparency.”


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