Brexit LIVE: Now tear up VAT! Boris sparks fury as UK ‘ignores’ chance to smash EU rules

PMQs: Johnson and Starmer butt heads over tax increases

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Jayne Adye has warned the Prime Minister he risks turning the UK into a “mirror image” of the EU, rather than a truly sovereign nation liberated from rules imposed by Brussels. Ms Adye, director of pro-Brexit campaign group Get Britain Out said: “VAT was introduced here back in 1973, as a condition of joining the European Economic Community (as it was back then), with a minimum rate of 10 percent set. This minimum then rose to 15 percent in 2006 – although the UK Government chose to exceed this minimum in 2011 when they set VAT at 20.

“When we were part of the EU the UK was forced to implement the tax on goods, seen by the EU as non-essential or a luxury, this included goods like female hygiene products.

“Even household fuel bills were included and currently have VAT added, although at a reduced rate of five percent – as well as additional green taxes.”

She added: “Too often the Government has ignored the chances to break away from the EU status quo. We must not allow this to continue, otherwise we will simply end up a mirror image of the EU, without any of the benefits Brexit can provide.”

Now that Britain was no longer a member of the bloc, it was free to set VAT at the levels it wanted, as well as simplifying the current system to make the process more efficient, Ms Adye stressed.


Industry insider rubbishes Rejoiner fears over HGV and supply crisis

Brexit has and will deliver for the UK, one industry expetthas boasted despite the fuel crisis hitting the country.

Although some Rejoiners have criticised Brexit for creating shortages across the UK, one industry insider has revealed Britain’s departure from the EU has given the country instant benefits.

Speaking to, Alex Veitch of Logistics UK praised what he called a “brilliant story” of how the UK has transformed its supply chains so quickly thanks to Brexit.

Indeed, he also claimed the UK had been “brilliant” in adapting its supply chains with the EU in such a short time.

He added: “You know, we have moved from our busy partner having reasonably light controls at the border to by next time, our biggest trade partner having the kind of trade procedures that we’ve had with the rest of the world forever, you know, we’ve done that with the government in what will be five years.”

‘This can only be Government profiteering!’

Ms Adye added added: “How can it be right – on top of all the other taxes and levies we pay on our fuel bills – that VAT is added on top, as if heating our homes in winter is a not essential. This can only be Government profiteering!”

Not only would a cut to VAT reduce wasted time for businesses, it would also cut the cost of living in this country and increase spending, giving people more money in their pockets to choose to buy what they want, along with a feeling of being “Back in Control”, Ms Adye explained.

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