Brexit LIVE: ‘Keep us out of toxic EU schemes!’ Fury as VDL blocks UK from £80bn project

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The UK was going to contribute £15billion over a seven-year period to pan-European research programme Horizon Europe, giving Britain access to EU grants and collaborations with European researchers.

But later the bloc kicked the UK out of the project until it resolves the row over the Northern Ireland Protocol, prompting UK Science Minister George Freeman to argue the UK were “very clear” that they had voted to leave the “European monetary and political union”, not the “European science, cultural, artistic, defence and security network”. reader Eddie Smth urged the UK to “keep out of toxic EU schemes”, adding: “Any UK collaboration with the EU will involve UK scientific expertise and money being plundered and the EU getting all the benefits.”

Another reader, Seth Crimp, claimed the move proved the EU were “all smoke and mirrors”, saying there was “no clause which agreed to allow either side to intimidate or blackmail the other to stop the terms of the agreement being applied”.


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