Brexit LIVE: Frost breaks silence to attack Rejoiners ‘loyal to EU’ over their own country

Brexit: Lord Frost says Brexit will 'bring politics home again'

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The former Brexit minister, who had led the UK’s tense negotiations with the EU but unexpectedly stepped down from his role in December, claimed Brussels had “systematically undermined Britain as a country”. He claimed this triggered many to focus their loyalty towards the EU, citing the “furious reaction from extreme Remainers” to various events linked to Brexit over recent years. But former Chief Negotiator for Exiting the European Union insisted that “unhappy legacy” can be changed as Brexit Britain has now re-established its democracy.

Lord Frost wrote: “The EU systematically undermined Britain as a country. We lost far too many powers to the EU. British elections decided fewer and fewer things in practice.

“As a result, some began to focus their loyalty on the EU, rather than their own country – as we have seen from the furious reaction from extreme Remainers to the events of recent years. We have to live with that unhappy legacy.

“But we can now change it. After Brexit, we have re-established our democracy. Now we can begin to deliver.”


Rees-Mogg told UK should be forming CLOSER relationship with EU

Scotland’s Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson has written a letter to the Brexit opportunities minister.

He warned the proposed Brexit Freedoms Bill, which will make it easier to amend existing EU laws on the UK statute book, would have “profound consequences” for devolved administrations.

Mr Robertson said: “Our concerns extend to the Brexit Freedoms Bill that will give legislative powers to remove or amend retained EU law, liberating us from the common area of democracy and the rule of law whose benefits we enjoyed for almost five decades.

“The UK Government seems ready to unveil these sweeping measures, which will have profound consequences for the devolved Governments, with next to no engagement, despite commitments to reset relationships with the devolved Governments in the conclusions of the intergovernmental relations review.

“Any proposals to change the law in devolved areas must not take place without the consent of the Scottish Parliament.

“In short, rather than seeking to diverge from the EU, the UK Government should be developing as close a relationship with it as possible.

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