‘Brexit disaster!’ Stanley Johnson mocked after securing French citizenship

Ukraine: Stanley Johnson reacts to Boris’ Kyiv visit

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Stanley Johnson appeared on French TV Channel BFMTV today (May 20) celebrating, and thanking his lawyers for perservering with his bid to become French. He said: “Congratulations to my lawyers… One must never give up!” Mr Johnson has ties to France through his mother and is a fluent French speaker.

He previously worked for the European Union and was against the idea of Brexit until after the outcome of the referendum in 2016.

In a statement, the Ministry of Justice of France said: “Based on the facts in his application, and without a refusal by the justice minister, Mr Stanley Johnson acquired French nationality on 18th May, 2022.

“This decision concerns only Mr Stanley Johnson and does not extend to his descendants.”

Following the announcement, Stanley Johnson told the Independent that he is “absolutely delighted” after obtaining EU citizenship.

In an interview in April, Mr Johnson, 81, claimed Brexit was “probably a good idea”, due to the EU’s lacklustre response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The news of him obtaining French citizenship and a EU passport sparked a fierce backlash on Twitter, with many people slamming his move.

Users claimed he was “taking advantage of all the freedoms that have been taken away of the British people because of Brexit.”

Brendan May said: ”Warmest congratulations to Boris Johnson’s father on becoming a French and therefore EU citizen, thereby guaranteeing himself all the freedoms, rights and protections that his son stole from the British people so that he could become the Prime Minister.”

A diplomacy scholar of the University of Oxford also commented blasting the PM’s father for his decision.

Dr Jennifer Cassidy wrote on her Twitter account: “There you have it. Stanley Johnson secures French Citizenship.

“Enjoying the wonderful qualities and freedoms that the EU has for its citizens and their families.

“The rich keep enjoying every single benefit. Convincing voters they don’t need any of them.”

Other users spoke of the “surreal” situation of Stanley Johnson celebrating his EU citizenship on French media.

Peter Allen said: “Brexit has produced some surreal moments over the last few years, but hard to beat Stanley Johnson – father of the UK’s serving Prime Minister – being all over French broadcast media this morning, using la langue de Molière to boast about his newly acquired French citizenship.”

While another Twitter user with the name Loz Argyle added: “#Brexit is going so well that yesterday Stanley Johnson officially became a French citizen, just thought I’d mention it #BrexitDisaster”.

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