Boris Johnson uses private jet between campaign stops for second time this week

Boris Johnson has sparked outrage by travelling between campaign stops by gas-guzzling private jet for a second day this week.

The Tory leader yesterday defended using a plane to take two short flights on the campaign trail on Monday.

The Tory leader visited Grimsby Fish Market on Monday and travelled by road to Robin Hood Airport, near Doncaster, to board a propeller plane to Teesside International, near Darlington.

The 30-minute flight on a plane with more than 70 seats, which appeared at least two-thirds full, was followed by a trip on his campaign battle bus to Washington, near Sunderland.

And today Mr Johnson took to the skies for a second time, boarding a plane to fly for just 40 minutes between East Midlands and Cardiff Airport.

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The 168-mile journey would have taken less than three hours on his campaign bus.

After Monday's flights of convenience, Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald said: "How can Boris Johnson say he is committed to bringing down emissions when he's prepared to take unnecessary and environmentally damaging flights?

He added: "Boris Johnson is living proof that the majority of flights are taken by the privileged few, while the rest of us pay the price of global heating.

"Under a Labour government we'll make sure that our trains and buses are properly invested in, so that Boris Johnson can make more environmentally friendly decisions in the future."

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