Boris Johnson accused of sabotaging Scottish fishing industry with ‘atrocious’ Brexit deal

Brexit: Fisherman hits out at ‘atrocious’ trade deal

Scottish Whitefish producers association CEO Mike Park argued the Scottish fishing industry will suffer severely over the next few years because of Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. While speaking to RT Question More, Mr Park argued the deal was “atrocious” for Scottish fishermen. He also accused the Government of misleading fishermen about the benefits of the agreement for the industry.

He noted that the uncertainty of the future was also causing issues in Scottish fishing businesses.

The RT host said: “The Brexit deal itself has not been good news for Scottish fishermen by the sounds of things.

“It has not done justice to your industry.

Mr Park said: “No, it has been an absolute shambles in fairness.

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“We are pleased now that we are a sovereign coastal state and hopefully after five years we can make some adjustment.

“But the deal we have been dealt, in terms of the next five years has been absolutely atrocious.”

Mr Mark then accused Boris Johnson and Michael Gove of misleading the public on how good the fishing deal is.

He said: “People like Michael Gove continue to get away with telling lies about how this is a great deal.

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“They say we have set up £100 million to build new harbours and new opportunities.

“It is lying of the first order and we have been looking to challenge that and the same with Alister Jack, the Secretary of State for Scotland.

“They are sitting there and telling the public lies when our industry this year will suffer as a direct result of this Brexit deal.

“And it will continue to suffer at least for the next five and a half years.”

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Mr Mark admitted that he had low expectations for the Brexit fishing deal but noted the deal still fell short.

He said: “There was always a threat we wouldn’t get what we wanted.

“But remember but we are looking for foreseeable opportunity.

“This is below even our lowest expectations and we didn’t think we would get down to the level we are at now.

“We thought we would get significantly more, not all what we wanted but where we are now means we are getting significantly less.

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