BBC’s Adam Fleming exposes ‘weak’ Keir Starmer – ‘Can’t even tell Rayner to apologise!’

Angela Rayner defends describing Tories as "scummy"

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Adam Fleming exposed Keir Starmer’s weak leadership position after the Labour leader refused to call on his deputy to apologise. The party’s deputy leader Angela Rayner has sparked a furore after she issued a late-night tirade against the Tories at the Labour Party Conference. This morning, Ms Rayner refused to apologise for branding the Tories “homophobic, racist, misogynistic scum”.

When pressed, Sir Keir refused to call on his deputy to apologise for the remark.

Andrew Marr repeatedly challenged him on whether Ms Rayner should apologise, but all Sir Keir responded was that he would not have used those words.

In his analysis afterwards, Mr Marr said: “Not surprisingly Keir Starmer didn’t enjoy the Angela Rayner quote being read back to him.

“She said she will not apologise until Boris Johnson apologises and Starmer has not made it clear whether he thought she should apologise.”

Mr Fleming responded: “Keir Starmer is not able to say to Angela Rayner you should apologise for these comments, even though he himself would not have made them.

“Is that because he doesn’t have the strength to do that?

“Because she has her own mandate directly elected by the party?”

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