Another Trump Inflatable Sets Sail – This Time It’s A Chicken

After the “Trump Baby” blimp was prominently displayed in Britain during President Donald Trump’s recent visit to the country, protesters in San Francisco brought out their “Trump Chicken” balloon on Sunday for another sail on San Francisco Bay.

The Trump Chicken, which wears prison stripes and is labeled “Prisoner 45,” was first seen in April 2017 at the San Francisco Tax March, organizer Danelle Morton told KNTV. It has also appeared at other protests since then.

On Sunday, it sailed around Alcatraz Island, site of the former prison, which organizers referred to as “the chicken coop.”

The 33-foot Trump Chicken is just one of a growing number of inflatables being used to protest the president’s policies and actions in office.

Dozens of GoFundMe campaigns are seeking money to bring Trump Baby blimps to various U.S. cities. Community organizers in New Jersey raised enough money to purchase four balloons, but some of the campaigns have yet to receive any donations.

Trump supporters have also turned to GoFundMe to raise money for Make America Great Again balloons and for other efforts to counter the Trump inflatables.

And Trump apparently is aware of at least some of the balloons. While he was in Britain, Trump told The Sun newspaper that the Trump Baby blimp made him feel “unwelcome” in London.

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