5 things Keir Starmer MUST do to secure Labour

Esther McVey questions future of Keir Starmer as Labour leader

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Boris Johnson and the Conservatives seem more popular than ever according to the latest approval ratings and polling data. The Labour Party radically needs to change its strategy before the 2024 election, if it hopes to overturn the Conservatives staggering 80-seat majority. How can Labour avoid losing a fifth election?

Labour’s annual conference season has begun, Sir Keir will make a major speech on Wednesday, setting out his plans for Labour’s future.

The Labour leader has faced criticism for his party’s lack of direction, even Labour fans have been left confused over their party’s image.

Here’s what Sir Keir needs to do to win back Labour voters.

Stop infighting

The Labour Party has been tearing itself apart in recent years, instead of battling the Tories, they seem to be attacking themselves.

Labour MP David Lammy told the Evening Standard his party needed to stop the infighting.

Ahead of the Labour’s annual conference, he said: “I don’t want to go to another conference in which the Labour Party is caught up in internecine rows.”

Come up with policies

The Labour Party appears to have lost its way.

When Kier Starmer has criticised Conservative policies he has been blasted by Boris Johnson for failing to suggest alternatives.

For example, Sir Kier described Mr Johnson’s plans to fund adult social care as simply “sticking plaster over gaping wounds.”

But the PM retorted it was “deeply irresponsible” of Labour not to suggest an alternative.

Potential voters need to see what sort of policies Labour would introduce if they were in power.

Try to win back their core support

The Conservative’s huge majority has been largely down to the party’s ability to win over core Labour voters.

Labour seemed to ignore the wishes of their core voters at the last election and have paid the price.

Labour MP, Ian Lavery told the BBC: “What we are seeing in the Labour heartlands is people very aggrieved at the fact the party basically has taken a stance on Brexit the way they have.”

He said ignoring the wishes of 17.4 million Brexit voters was “not a good recipe”.

He added: “Ignore democracy and to be quite honest the consequences will come back and bite you up the backside.”

Win back trust

Mr Lammy told the Evening Standard Labour needs to persuade taxpayers to “trust” the party with their money.

To do this Sir Kier will need to come up with a robust plan to fund any ambitious manifesto pledges.

Change its image

Labour has lost a lot of support in their traditional heartlands, as they have been blasted for being too “woke” and out of touch with their core voters.

Labour MP Khalid Mahmood told the i paper: “A London-based bourgeoisie, with the support of brigades of woke social media warriors, has effectively captured the party.”

While Len McCluskey, General Secretary of the Unite union, said: “Disconnection from our heartland communities will only deepen unless they can look at Labour and see a party with clear, bold policies that understand and speak for them.”

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