Yellen Steps Up, Unfinished Trade File, China’s Dilemma: Eco Day

Welcome to Tuesday, Asia. Here’s the latest news and analysis from Bloomberg Economics to help you start the day:

  • Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen on Tuesdaysteps into a new role following more than a quarter-century: salesperson for economic policy after years of defending Fed thinking and actions
  • President-elect Joe Bideninherits a litany of unresolved trade issues from Donald Trump, posing an early test for his administration
  • China’s economyroared back to pre-pandemic growth rates as its industrial engines fired up, But the recovery masks the yawning gap between rich and poor that’sholding back stronger consumption
  • Two of India’s richest men havelanded in an unlikely controversy over farming laws, becoming targets of protesters who allege the tycoons benefited from close links to Prime Minister Narendra Modi
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping, his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkelwill be among the speakers at the online event the World Economic Forum is holding
  • Malaysiaunveiled a 15 billion ringgit ($3.7 billion) package to help the economy weather the impact from a fresh surge of infections
  • Price growth in Germany is likely to be “clearly positive” this month for thefirst time in half a year, according to the Bundesbank
  • China is in talks with Kenya on adebt-service suspension deal
  • Covid kills England’s poor attriple the rate of the rich: chart
  • Most ex-presidents play golf, get their libraries in order, make well-paid speeches, write even more lucrative memoirs and bite their tongues. Theroad ahead for Donald Trump, a president who has never adhered to his office’s norms, will be unlike any other

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