Uncertain 2020 Finish, Old China Playbook, Australia QE: Eco Day

Welcome to Monday, Asia. Here’s the latest news and analysis from Bloomberg Economics to help you start the week:

  • The world economy’s rebound from the depths of the coronavirus crisis is fading, setting upan uncertain finish to the year
  • China isreturning to its stimulus playbook, with local governments borrowing a record amount to spend on infrastructure this year
  • Australia’s central bank willboost its bond-buying program or cut interest rates to help spur a recovery, economists predict. Meantime, James McIntyre runs the ruler over the economy’soutlook to 2050
  • Yoshihide Suga, the frontrunner in the race to become Japan’s next prime minister, is widely seen as acontinuity candidate, but his past statements suggest he is a reform advocate who could shake up some of the cosier industries if given a long enough mandate
  • New Zealand reaffirmed that negative interest rates and direct funding to banks are among aset of policy tools being prepared
  • The Malaysian ringgithas defied the odds to outperform most of its Asian peers. Now investors will be watching to see if it survives the trials of September
  • ECB policy makers discussing this week how to set monetary policy for their disease-stricken economy will do sovery much in the shadow of their U.S. counterparts
  • Singapore said it will support companies thathire new local workers in the next six months
  • Pakistan’s trade with neighboring Afghanistan has been declining for years, but now delays in shipment clearance arethreatening to undermine their bilateral commerce even further
  • Two shipping brothers on Germany’s Rhinefaced a dilemma that has become increasingly common on Europe’s most important river

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