Doug Schoen: Michael Bloomberg is 'most substantive' of potential 2020 Dem nominees

Michael Bloomberg files to run in Alabama Democratic presidential primary

Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg has been a Republican, Independent, and Democrat during his political career.

Doug Schoen, a Democratic strategist and Fox News contributor, touted former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a "substantive" candidate for the Democratic nomination in 2020.

"I think he's the most substantive candidate in the field and I think that he offers a unique approach both to the Democratic primary and ultimately, the election," Schoen said while appearing on "America's News HQ."

Schoen's comments came as President Trump predicted on Friday that Bloomberg wouldn't "do well" and would hurt former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 race. "Little Michael will fail," Trump said outside of the White House.

While Bloomberg has filed to run as a candidate in Alabama's Democratic primary, he has yet to make an official announcement.

Schoen said on Saturday that he was "all in" for Bloomberg, who won two New York City mayoral elections as a Republican.

"He has a unique appeal … he's been a mayor, he's been a business leader, he's a philanthropist, he's got a progressive issue agenda of gun control, climate change, public health, education," Schoen said.

But Republican strategist Kim Alfano described Bloomberg's strategy as "flawed from the getgo," noting that he wasn't planning on competing in Iowa or New Hampshire — the first two states to hold nominating contests.

"If you can't play in those first two primaries, then the bus is going to leave you behind," Alfano said.

Schoen countered that Iowa and New Hampshire only represented a small percentage of the delegates, while Bloomberg could be able to pick up substantially more delegates on Super Tuesday.

"The ball game really begins on Super Tuesday when about 40 percent of the delegates are at stake and that's when Michael Bloomberg has I think preliminarily … decided to begin his campaign should he go forward," he said.

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