Cable fault causes Foxtel outage in Sydney: Telstra

A cable problem caused Foxtel customers in north-west Sydney to lose their connections overnight, Telstra says.

Customers complained to Foxtel when no signal was being received on their Foxtel boxes.

Those whose free-to-air channels are received through Foxtel would have had to go to family, friends or their local pub to watch Friday night football.

A Foxtel operator told the Herald  that the outage affected the whole of NSW.

And Foxtel’s outage information website showed a range of affected postcodes, including some in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

However a Telstra spokesman said on Saturday that the issue had only affected customers in Sydney’s north-west.

The Foxtel operator said she had been notified that the problem affected all Foxtel customers whether or not they were with Telstra as internet providers or not.

She said the cable responsible for Foxtel was different from the internet-only cable.

She said there was no estimated time for a fix and that customers just had to watch their set-top boxes.

A recorded message on Foxtel's voicemail said that set-top boxes showing error message F106 were the result of outages.

The Telstra spokesman said on Saturday: "From 3.20pm on Friday … some Telstra Foxtel Cable TV and Broadband Cable customers in North West Sydney experienced issues with a loss of audio, video and internet services.

"Technicians onsite identified damage to optic fibres caused by third-party roadworks near the Homebush Exchange.

"Fibre crews were dispatched overnight to repair the damage and services were progressively restored from 4.40am.

"All services were restored at 6.28am today.

"We remind everyone that Dial Before You Dig is the essential first step to be taken prior to any ground breaking activity to ensure digging is safe and damage free.

"We apologise for any inconvenience this caused to our customers."

Correction: The original version of this story attributed the information to a Telstra operator rather than one from Foxtel.

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