San Francisco may ban any more free lunches for tech companies’ workers

San Francisco trying to ban free lunch at tech companies

FBN’s Gerri Willis on San Francisco’s efforts to ban free lunch at tech companies.

San Francisco employees who work at notable tech companies, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Uber and Square, enjoy an exciting perk: free lunches.

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The city currently has 51 tech companies that offer free lunch to their employees every day, but new companies shouldn't be expecting the same perk.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is looking to ban tech companies from building new cafeterias that will offer their workers free food.

The board’s interest in such a ban comes on the heels of local restaurants struggling to keep steady business coming in and some restaurant owners having regrets about opening shop in that area, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

A co-owner of a restaurant in the area, Anthony Myint, told the local newspaper that had he known about how little business his restaurant would get, he likely would have looked in a different area of the city.

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