University of Lethbridge opens new Science Commons Atrium building

The University of Lethbridge opened its Science Commons Atrium building Friday.

The project took nearly 10 years and cost about $260 million dollars, with funding from the Alberta government.

Premier Jason Kenney attended the celebrations and said the investment would pay off in the form of new jobs, industry growth and innovation in Southern Alberta.

“I hope and expect that the university will honour the huge investment by Alberta taxpayers,” Kenney said.

“In terms of learning and research, we hope much of that will be for commercial application that will help create prosperity and jobs.”

University of Lethbridge president, Michael Mahon, said there are already new connections with industry in the works, adding the project feels like a long time coming.

“The first time we talked to the government about the building was back in 2010, so to have it open in 2019 is very exciting,” McMahon said.

The building will facilitate science and technology-based programs and is intended to create collaboration opportunities between research teams for future innovation.

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