Lawmakers are considering these changes to your 401(k) plan

Annuities and emergency accounts are being discussed. See full story.

The S&P 600 small-cap health-care sector is up 36% this year. See full story.

The Dow is trying to make it five up sessions in a row, while gold heads in the other direction. The metal’s retreat has hampered gold mining shares, but our call of the day from a “True Contrarian” suggests sticking with those stocks. See full story.

A Brexit-bound United Kingdom has been enduring another political storm this month. Strategists view one stock sector as particularly at risk if the current U.K. government can’t ride out the rough seas: utilities. See full story.

As tech companies continue to dominate Wall Street, with four now standing alone with valuations of more than $800 billion, gigantic growth is priced in and expected. All the drama is in the forecasts. See full story.

‘A word of warning to your readers: Don’t trust anyone.’ See full story.

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