Americans are feeling better about the economy under Trump

The bread and butter of politics and government for most Americans is … bread and butter.

In other words, we care more about the health of our pocketbooks than virtually any other issue.

For the latest proof of this maxim, look to Massachusetts’ Emerson College, a very fine liberal arts school — and the second-most accurate national pollster, according to Five­ThirtyEight, the polling wonks.

In the past two weeks, two independent polls — Emerson’s last week and Zogby’s the week before — found that many (or “most,” as the president tweeted) Americans feel better about their finances under President Trump than they have in years past.

Trump’s use of the word “most” set the fringe left of the Twitter-sphere into orbit with all sorts of attacks. But the hard, cold fact for the fringe left is that the perceived improvement was so meaningful that it’s considered in statistics-speak a “substantial plurality” of people who feel better about their personal economic situations.

President Obama was an oratory rock star with skillfully delivered promises of Hope and Change. In the end, we got a whole lot of hope but very little change in our pockets.

Sure, the unemployment rate fell under Obama, but after skyrocketing medical deductibles and co-pays, America’s wallets were still running on empty.

In America today, for the first time in more than a decade, people are feeling good about their job prospects and their financial situations.

This is without doubt due to Trump’s strong economic agenda of deregulation and lowered taxes — and his embracing of business rather than demonizing it.

The Obama years were long and lean; so far, the Trump years have been promising and prosperous.

We’re finally past Hope and Change.

But on second thought, America is in a generous mood — we can keep the change.

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