Writers Strike: Other Guilds Pledge Support For WGA On Day 1

Refresh for updates… The Writers Guild strike no longer is looming but here, and guilds in Hollywood, entertainment and other fields are weighing in to show their support for the WGA in its labor action against the studios. Here is what we’re hearing so far.

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The Producers Guild of America weighed in Tuesday morning with this:

“The Producers Guild of America stands with the Writers Guild as its members seek fair and equitable compensation for their work, making the difficult decision to strike in order to create meaningful change within our industry. We believe that everyone working in the film and television industry deserves to be fairly compensated for their work and receive essential benefits.”

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Here’s what the AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler, who leads the country’s largest federation of unions, said Tuesday:

The 12.5 million members of the AFL-CIO stand in strong solidarity with members of the WGAE and the WGAW who went on strike this morning to fight for a fair contract that recognizes the tremendous value these writers bring to the entertainment industry.

Writers are the lifeblood of film, television and other entertainment, and they deserve a fair contract that ensures these vital jobs pay family-supporting wages and include decent benefits like health care and retirement. Producers make billions in profits off the words that bring the magic of film and television to life for audiences in the United States and around the world. It’s deeply disappointing that Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) isn’t bargaining in good faith to deliver a fair contract. We call on the producers to immediately reach an agreement with the WGAE and the WGAW that respects the vital work the writers do to entertain millions of people every single day.

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