WGA Health Fund Expands Abortion Services For Eligible Members’ Dependent Children

The WGA’s Health Fund has expanded its abortion services for the dependent children of eligible participants, effective January 1.

The Fund previously had covered abortion and related services for dependent children only when there were pregnancy-related complications. But starting this year, it will now cover abortions and related services for dependent children regardless of the reason.

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The Fund said that it now “covers the same range of services for dependent children at the same cost sharing as for participants and dependent spouses, including certain related travel and lodging costs for participants and beneficiaries who live or work in covered employment in states where abortion services are not permitted.”

Last August, in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade, the WGA Health Fund said that it would begin reimbursing reasonable travel expenses for participants and their spousal dependents who have to travel to another state to receive abortion services.

“As it always has,” the Fund said with respect to covered participants and their spouses, it will “continue to cover abortion services without regard to the reason.” It also notes that its coverage will continue to include medical treatments and access to abortion-related prescription drugs, such as the “Plan B” or “Morning After” pill, “per Health Plan rules.”

The Health Fund, which is jointly administered by representatives from the companies and the guild, provides medical, hospital, dental, prescription, vision, wellness and life insurance benefits to its participants and eligible dependents.

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