Vermont man gives his town the middle finger — and officials can’t do anything about it

WESTFORD, Vt. — A Vermont man in a long-running dispute with his town has erected a 7-foot-tall sculpture that tells passersby exactly how he feels.

The artwork is a raised middle finger, carved from a 700-pound block of pine and perched atop a 16-foot pole on the property of Ted Pelkey.

Oh, and it looks like a lamp at night.

Pelkey set out the provocative sculpture Nov. 30. The town’s Development Review Board denied Pelkey a permit for an 8,000-square-foot garage he wants to build on his 11-acre property.

He paid $4,000 to a Vermont artisan he declined to name.

“We’ve been trying to put a business there for the past 10 years,” Pelkey said of his Westford residence. “It’s just never-ending. They’re railroading us really good.”

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Pelkey’s business is now about 25 miles northwest in Swanton, where he said he’s running out of space. His main business is cleaning spools for a monofilament line company.

Pelkey and his son also do some truck repair on the side.

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