UK Recalls Bitter Apricot Kernels With Higher Cyanide Content

U.K. watchdog recalled Bitter Apricot kernels that contained higher levels of cyanide. The latest recall by Food Standards Agency is from Health Leads U.K. The kernel naturally contains slight amounts of hydrocyanic acid, a type of cyanide. It is illegal in U.K. to sell Apricot kernel that have more than 20 mg per kilogram of hydrocyanic acid.

The agency have asked customers to return 150 gram, 500 gram packets of Bitter Apricot kernels to the store they purchased to get a full refund.

The Bitter Apricot kernels are said to have anti-cancerous properties. They are very popular in baking and jam making. It has a bitter taste but could heighten the taste.

Bitter kernels contain small traces of cyanide and if that exceed a particular might cause headache, fever, nausea and even coma. According to British Food Standards agency, 20 to 30 kernels consumed in a short period time might turn fatal due to cyanide poisoning. However, reports of death from Bitter Apricot is very rare.

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