Twitter Acquires Messaging Platform Quill

Popular social media platform Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) has acquired Quill, a business messaging platform, to improve Twitter’s messaging technology. The deal was announced through a tweet by the general manager for core tech, Nick Caldwell.

Nick announced, “Excited to share that today we’re welcoming @QuillChat to Twitter!”

“@ludwig and his talented team built Quill as a fresher, more deliberate way to communicate. We’re bringing their experience and creativity to Twitter as we work to make messaging tools like DMs a more useful & expressive way people can have conversations on the service,” the tweet added.

Quill also announced the news through a blog post later on. The Slack competitor said that it will close down but the team will not be laid off. Instead, the team will join Twitter’s Experience roster.

The users will be able to export the messaging history till 1 PM Pacific time on December 11. The existing customers will also get full refunds after the company closes its operation. The exported messages will open in Slack. However, the company will only provide the backup for team messages. Direct messages will not be backed up.

The blog said, “We started Quill with the goal of increasing the quality of human communication. We believe the tools we use to communicate today are not the best they can be. Together with Twitter, we will continue to pursue our original goal — to make online communication more thoughtful, and more effective, for everyone.”

The blog signed off with, “We can’t wait to show you what we’ll be working on next.”

Coming into the fray in February 2021, Quill was a corporate-focused messaging platform that was focused on making work conversations more simplified and easy to chain along.

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