Tipsy Elves Tops List of Fastest-Growing Direct-to-Consumer Brands

In SimilarWeb’s ranking of the top direct-to-consumer websites by quarter-to-quarter average monthly traffic growth, apparel fared well — but the numbers were down for the top players in the fourth quarter of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.

Jamie Drayton, lead retail industry consultant at SimilarWeb, noted that Tipsy Elves, the holiday-themed apparel brand that found fame on the TV show “Shark Tank,” garnered the top spot with quarter-to-quarter average website traffic growth of 363 percent.

Drayton said the retailer tops the list “due to its seasonal focus, offering an assortment of bright ski and holiday apparel.”

The consultant also said despite the site’s “best-in-class” growth, Tipsy Elves “struggled to surpass 2019 performance, with traffic down 11 percent [year-over-year] for the quarter. However, overall traffic was comparable with last year (down 1 percent) and Tipsy Elves deserves to call 2020 a success.”

Drayton said Tipsy Elves may remain a “seasonal brand (as the name suggests) but has an opportunity to break out of its seasonal focus by optimizing across its marketing channels and gaining competitor voice share.”

In regard to the overall report findings, Drayton said consumers were focused on spending on experiences, such as food boxes, or Tipsy Elves, which is apparel for special occasions.

“Including Tipsy Elves, nine out of our 25 fastest-growing sites fall into the apparel/fashion category,” Drayton said. “The high saturation of this category and casualwear focus of many of these sites, highlights how consumer demand has shifted this holiday season.

The report also showed that the top brands reflect “the adoption of a hyper-personalized marketing strategy powered by innovation and differentiation.” These fastest-growing were able to capitalize the most on consumers’ “pandemic-induced shopping habits, holiday season and the d-to-c [direct-to-consumer] business model.”

Other top-performing sites mentioned in the report include Osmo, in the baby care segment; VineBox, in beverages; Great Jones, in home goods, and Rowing Blazers, in apparel.

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