This Is America’s Favorite Brand

Brands can be worth hundreds of billions of dollars to their parent companies. The Kantar BrandZ analysis puts the value of the Amazon brand at $684 billion. It is followed by Apple at $612 billion. The figures are based largely on the revenue that they bring to their companies. However, there are other means to measure brand success.

Some brands are favored by consumers over other brands in the same industry or sector. Presumably, these positive perceptions help sales, although that is not entirely proven. A study done by 24/7 Wall St. several years ago called the “Customer Service Hall of Shame” included T-Mobile and AT&T, both of which are financial successes. A poor reputation can be overcome.

24/7 Wall St. has used data collected by the international research and analytics firm YouGov to learn which retail chain or consumer brand is the most popular with the public. The resulting list of finalists includes everything from familiar brands whose goods are available at numerous outlets, like Huggies for diapers and Keurig for coffee machines, to mega-stores specializing in everything from books (Barnes & Noble) to electronics (Best Buy).

Some of the brands that were finalists have struggled financially, more proof that financial success is not always the result of positive brand perception. For some on this list, such as Office Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond, closing stores in 2020 was one way to survive and maintain profitability.

The two favorite brands, based on our research, were Fisher-Price and Lowe’s. For each, 76% of adults had a positive opinion. And Lowe’s has 1,727 stores in the United States.

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