Singapore Tackles Virus Resurgence in Some Foreign Worker Dorms

Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority ordered a stop to activities at some construction work sites after a new Covid-19 cluster was found at the country’s largest foreign worker dormitory, raising concerns of a resurgence in virus infections.

A total of 58 cases were identified in the Sungei Tengah Lodge, which houses approximately 16,000 people. All individuals were asymptomatic and were detected through various screening procedures, according to ajoint statement from the BCA, Ministry of Manpower and Ministry of Health. Another 4,800 workers from the same dormitory have been placed on stay-home notices as a precaution.

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    The resurgence could pose a challenge for the Southeast Asian country as it attempts to cautiously restart its economy after earlier entering a two-month lock-down designed to stem the spread of the virus. The city-state entered atechnical recession in the second quarter, shrinking a record 42.9% from the previous three months on an annualized basis.

    Following the discovery of the cluster in Sungei Tengah Lodge, twenty affected construction sites were issued a time-out notice that allows for disinfection of the premises and a review of on-site safety measures, according to the BCA.

    61,408 in IndiaMost new cases today

    +0% Change in MSCI World Index of global stocks since Wuhan lockdown, Jan. 23

    -1.​067 Change in U.S. treasury bond yield since Wuhan lockdown, Jan. 23

    5.​4% Global GDP Tracker (annualized), July

    Another confirmed coronavirus case was alsoidentified in a separate foreign worker dormitory that had previously been declared clear of the virus by authorities. The infected person in the Tuas View Dormitory was linked to five previous cases, creating a new cluster, according to the Ministry of Health. The dorm had originally been cleared on August 4.

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