See the pitch deck for a new startup focused on preventing disease outbreaks

Hello, and welcome to Insider Healthcare. Lydia Ramsey Pflanzer is out. I’m Allison DeAngelis, your special guest author, and here’s what’s happening today in healthcare news:

  • An exclusive look at an ex-Goldman partner’s new healthcare startup;
  • Four factors are fueling the 20-fold increase in COVID-19 cases in India;
  • Albert Bourla’s plan for a new, nimbler Pfizer set the stage for pandemic success.

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See the pitch deck that an ex-Goldman partner and a public health doctor used to raise $8 million for a startup taking a new approach to fighting disease outbreaks  

  • The Public Health Company wants to help businesses and governments navigate public health crises.
  • The startup plans to use data to help track viruses and make decisions about office openings.
  • Venrock and Sweat Equity Ventures invested alongside Verily, Alphabet’s secretive healthcare arm.

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A perfect storm of 4 factors has fueled India’s harrowing coronavirus surge

  • India is in crisis: Hospitals are overloaded with patients amid a surge in coronavirus cases
  • Rapidly spreading variants and social gatherings are fueling this outbreak, experts say.
  • A slow vaccine rollout and ill-prepared healthcare system have made matters worse.

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Albert Bourla is ushering in a new era at Pfizer after a historic triumph

  • Bourla has focused on building a trimmed-down, science-focused drug company since becoming CEO in 2019.
  • The chief executive personally met with the scientists developing a COVID-19 vaccine, and told them not to worry about the cost. 
  • An analyst said what Pfizer has done during COVID-19 is “remarkable”. It will also make the company $15 billion.

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