People who've had COVID-19 need just one shot, research suggests


Welcome to Insider Healthcare. I’m Lydia Ramsey Pflanzer, and today in healthcare news:

  • Research suggest people who’ve already had COVID-19 only need one shot;
  • What you can and can’t do once vaccinated;
  • Alloy joins a wave of biotech startups that are doing more than just developing one drug.

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A woman receives the COVID-19 vaccine in Wales, UK.Getty/Matthew Horwood

The research is in: People who’ve already had COVID-19 need just one shot

  • A single shot of Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccine yields high protection for people who’ve had COVID-19.
  • That’s probably because their bodies are responding to a viral threat they’ve seen before.
  • One expert said giving people who’ve had COVID-19 a second dose was “kind of a wasted shot.”

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PACE workers celebrate getting the vaccine at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center in Boston, Massachusetts on December 24, 2020.Joseph Prezioso/AFP/Getty Images

What you can and can’t do once vaccinated that the CDC guidelines don’t tell you

  • The CDC’s guidelines for vaccinated people don’t cover every scenario, including some common ones.
  • There isn’t advice for people who’ve had one dose or for families with members that aren’t immunized.
  • Experts weigh in on what’s safe in 6 common scenarios not mentioned in the CDC recommendations.

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An Alloy Therapeutics employee works in the company’s labs.Courtesy of Alloy Therapeutics

This biotech’s goal is to make $1 in profit. Peter Thiel and 8VC think it’s worth $563 million.

  • Alloy Therapeutics raised a Series C round at a $563 million valuation.
  • Alloy licenses scientific tools like “humanized mice,” but also plans to launch its own spinoff companies.
  • It’s part of a larger trend in the biotech industry to create startups with multiple business arms.

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