Panel On Impact Of Pandemic On Production Spaces Set For Friday; APA, Broadcast Management Group & GreenlightGo Hosting

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on physical production spaces and how the needs of production real estate might be changed forever will be the subject of a panel discussion on Friday hosted by the Agency for the Performing Arts, the Broadcast Management Group and production services company GreenlightGo.

“What Happens Next: The Future of Production Space” will address topics that include the impact of Covid-19 on square-footage needs, ventilation requirements, technical infrastructure and cleaning protocols at physical production facilities; who is responsible for Sfae Way Forward protocols at facilities, production companies and networks; current insights from producers who are back on set and resuming production; how productions have rebounded at scale with regard to space; and how lower budget, independently financed productions function under the new Covid-19 protocols.

You can watch the one-hour panel below, starting at 9:30 a.m. PT Friday.

“What Happens Next: The Future of Production Space” will be moderated by Michael Hirschorn, CEO of Ish Entertainment and CEO and co-founder of GreenlightGo. “We’re very excited to talk to key production executives and producers about how they are responding to and leading this transformation in our business,” he said.

Panelists will include Charles Miller, producer of The Trial of the Chicago 7 and Monsters and Men; Jake Fuller, producer at Jax Media; Alex Bach, partner/executive producer at Irony Point; Melissa Morkus, director of production for eOne Television; and Jamie Buckner, production supervisor on Billions and The Morning Show).

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