Making Sense Of INmune Bio…

Shares of INmune Bio Inc. (INMB) touched an all-time high of $11 on Tuesday (Apr.16), and that represents a gain of nearly 38% since their market debut in February.

INmune Bio is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing new immunotherapies that reprogram a patient’s innate immune system to allow the immune system to fight cancer.

The Company’s pipeline includes INB03 for patients with metastatic cancer with increased inflammatory biomarkers in peripheral blood; INKmune for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome and ovarian cancer; and XPro1595 for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

INB03 is a novel innate immune system checkpoint inhibitor that targets MDSCs (myeloid-derived suppressor cells), i.e., cells of the innate immune system which create an immunosuppressive shield around the tumor and inhibit the patient’s immune system from attacking the cancer.

A phase I clinical trial of INB03 in patients with advanced solid tumors, initiated last May, in Australia, is underway.

Up next in the pipeline is INKmune, which works by converting resting *NK cells into primed NK cells, an essential step in them becoming activated cancer­-killing NK cells. NK, or natural killer cells are a type of immune cells that have granules (small particles) with enzymes that can kill tumor cells or cells infected with a virus. (Source: National Cancer Institute)

The Company is planning to initiate the phase I portion of its phase I/II study of INKmune in women with relapse refractory ovarian cancer in the UK by the second quarter of 2019. Initial data from the phase I portion of the study is expected in the second half of this year. If all goes well as planned, the phase II portion of the trial is expected to be initiated in the first half of 2020.

The third drug candidate is XPRO1595, which is the same as INB03 – but for a different indication. While INB03 is used for cancer-related indications, XPRO1595 is used for the treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease.

XPro1595 selectively inhibits soluble tumor necrosis factor (TNF), a pro-inflammatory cytokine. In animal models, XPro1595 was found to improve cognition, facilitate clearance of toxic cellular debris, rescue neuronal communication, and normalize immune cell profiles.

XPro1595 is entering a biomarker-directed phase I clinical trial in patients with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease who have biomarkers of neuroinflammation.

In February of this year, the Company was awarded a $1 million grant by the Alzheimer’s Association for the development of XPro1595 for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

The grant will be paid to the Company in tranches over the course of the phase I clinical trial, which is designed to enroll 18 patients in 3 cohorts. The first patient is expected to be enrolled in the XPro1595 Alzheimer’s trial in June of this year.

INmune Bio went public on the Nasdaq Capital Market on February 4, 2019, offering its shares at a price of $8.00 each.

INMB has thus far hit a low of $7.00 and a high of $11.00. The stock closed Thursday’s trading at $10.50, up 3.96%.

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