Live results of Indiana's governor race between Eric Holcomb and Woody Myers

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  • Indiana Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb is running for reelection against Democratic challenger Woody Myers. 
  • Holcomb has spent many years in the political arena. Myers has not — he's a doctor.
  • Experts rate the race as solid Republican.
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Indiana Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb is running for reelection against Democratic challenger Woody Myers. 

The candidates:

Holcomb has been governor since 2017. Before that, he served as lieutenant governor under then-Gov. Mike Pence. He's established a long career in the political sphere, previously as a staffer to members of Congress, a campaign adviser to former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and as chairman of the Indiana Republican Party. 

He's seeking a second term focused on job growth, battling the pandemic and building state infrastructure.

Myers, on the other hand, is a political newcomer. He's a doctor, running to address healthcare problems. Other issues in his platform are education and climate change. If elected, Myers would become the first African American governor of Indiana.

The stakes:

Like most 2020 governor races around the country, the candidates have framed their agendas around the coronavirus. Many incumbents' reelection chances hinge on their pandemic response. So far, the odds are in Holcomb's favor. 

Hoosiers have praised the governor's handling of the public health crisis, indicating he may cruise to victory on Election Day.

Indiana has long been considered a Republican stronghold. The party controls the governorship and the state legislature. The state also went for President Donald Trump in 2016. 

The money race: Holcomb, with a fundraising total of $9 million, has a massive cash advantage against Myers, who has raised slightly over $1 million, per the latest campaign finance data. 

What the polls say: Holcomb holds a wide, double-digit lead over Myers, according to polling averages from RealClearPolitics.

What the experts say: The race is rated solid Republican by Cook Political Report, Inside Elections and Sabato's Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia's Center for Politics. 

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