Elon Musk says he'll offer ‘short shorts’ as Tesla merch, in a new dig at stock's bearish investors

Tesla fans can buy branded t-shirts, jackets, hats and hoodie sweatshirts.

Soon, they will also be able to buy Tesla “short shorts,” according to a tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, in his seemingly never-ending war of words against investors betting against the company.

Short shorts coming soon to Tesla merch

Tesla did not immediately respond to an email seeking information on cost and when the “short shorts” will be available.

Musk’s tweet comes on the heels of a joke between Musk and David Einhorn, the billionaire founder and president of hedge fund Greenlight Capital.

Einhorn holds a short position of Tesla shares through his hedge fund, an investment decision that indicates the hedge fund executive thinks the price of Tesla will fall. Further, Einhorn recently made public his decision to not renew his Tesla lease.

In response, the outspoken Tesla CEO tweeted he would send Einhorn a box of “short shorts,” which Einhorn revealed on Friday that he had received.

I want to thank @elonmusk for the shorts. He is a man of his word! They did come with some manufacturing defects. #tesla

Alas, there was a plot twist: San Francisco-based online clothier Chubbies actually sent the shorts to Einhorn, independent of Musk. Still, the billionaire entrepreneur seemed pleased that the apparel maker had followed up on his joke.


Musk followed up his promise of selling “short shorts” with a number of tweets asking followers for their favorite brand of shorts, and suggesting the shorts should be paired with high socks.


What are your fav short shorts?

Paired with thigh-high sockboots


And thigh high socks with pockets for lipliner & cards

As with much of Musk’s Twitter feed lately, it’s not entirely clear whether the Tesla CEO was serious or joking.

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