Deadline Strike Talk: Buckle Up For Billy Ray’s Chilling Interview With AI; From David Zaslav To Writers & Actors, Everyone Is Replaceable

Billy Ray is back for the sixth installment of Strike Talk, a podcast that began with the start of the Writers Guild standoff. Falling on the 50th day of the strike, this episode is groundbreaking in a Stanley Kubrick 2001: A Space Odyssey‘s HAL-meets-James Cameron’s The Terminator kind of way.

As he will explain in the podcast, Ray was able to make it so that he could have a back and forth verbal conversation with the AI that is a major bone of contention for the WGA in its dispute with AMPTP signatories. While the voice of AI seems amiable enough, it makes clear that as its technology and learning abilities become more sophisticated, fears that it could be used to lessen the number of writers coming up in the creative ecosystem by the use of cost-effective technology is validated in technicolor. Below-the-liners, writers and actors and even studio heads are expendable.

Ray, who wrote the classic “I am the captain now” line in Captain Phillips, unveils a new and potentially scarier skipper here, one that might give studio chiefs pause to consider what they’re unleashing to save a few bucks.

Click below to listen.

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